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Marceline x Male Reader
The marshmallow male walked along the banks of the candy kingdom. Listening to the inside sounds of joy. Joy… what makes it a feeling? He thought to himself.
“I cant believe no one could tell me were She lives.” He complained to himself as he banged his own head against the candy wall. Looking down at the ground he realized that his fantasy of telling her his feelings might not ever come true. “Why universe! Why must you be so rude!” He silently wept.
“What’s with your attitude?” Called the stranger behind him. “It sounds like you hate everything just now.” They said. The male turned around swiftly on his heel ignoring that he already made his shoes dirty. He looked straight at them. “What’s with that look?” To great surprise. It was a box talking to him. A rather small one.
“Are you not going to reply?” Said the box as it scoot forward. The male pinned himself
:iconmedlog:MedLog 14 2
Mature content
Finn x M.Reader Amnesia pt.8 :iconmedlog:MedLog 12 4
Mature content
THE WOLF AMONG US. (Lemon) :iconmedlog:MedLog 22 3
Mature content
Pyramid Head x M. reader 4 :iconmedlog:MedLog 16 5
Marceline x Male reader.
In the Candy Kingdom, there lived a marshmallow citizen who lived for adventure. Only there was one problem. He just couldn't leave the safety of his home. Scared to go out the Marshmallow only did small tasks that included doing chores. And grocery shopping. Sometimes he would do little jobs around the Candy Kingdom so he wouldn't get bored so often. But deep inside he longed the adventure like Finn and Jake. Until one day a concert was held in the Candy kingdom at night. He summed up the courage to listen to the music by dressing in black and wearing a tunic because he thought that it might as well make him invincible. That night he saw and angel. Even though she wasn't really an angel… more like a half demon… Vampire Queen. It was mostly loved at first sight to him. Anyhow, it was a very fluffy feeling inside that made him believe that he does love her. So after the show was over and when everyone was crowding up against the band, it took a lot
:iconmedlog:MedLog 21 7
Mature content
I want your Knowledge (ONE SHOT) :iconmedlog:MedLog 10 1
Jeff x Male Reader VIII
I spend my weekend with Toby. We talked and ask certain questions about ourselves. My first question was ‘Are you a single child.’ Of course he said no, which made me confused. I then told him ‘Who is the others‘ He just told me ‘she’ was at college at another state. He got excited and told me she would be here during spring break. I can see the real connection between siblings and I know they were both two peas in a pot, just like me and my sister. I bet they do everything together.
Next up was me. Toby wanted to ask me who ‘Jeff’ was. And I told him the sad story about Jeff, minus the part about the pervert and me being his… Lover of sorts… Of course I did cried when I was telling the story, 1st off, Jeff was my friend, Then 2nd ,my first lover and he even saved me from certain things.  Toby then said he was sorry for bringing up the subject. I told him no worries.
“So this ‘Jeff’…” Toby tw
:iconmedlog:MedLog 15 0
Mature content
Slender Man x M.Reader DREAMS: Shattered :iconmedlog:MedLog 18 0
Pyramid head x M. reader 3
He doesn’t like this, at all…. He breathed in from his mouth then breathed out from his nose. He ignored the stench and continued to do this. The monster some how grew memorized by his breathing that it stopped to see what exactly would happen next. And for the last time, or 6th time the male breathed again. But he hold his breath. When I say hold his breath I think he wanted to pass out. And he did. Made the monster pout cause he wanted to hear the screams and shouts of the male. And so the monster left the male there.
Once the monster left the male got up. Not only did he tricked the monster and readers. He also can escape the monster, so without hesitation he started to move. He jumped out of bed, ran to the door and swing the door. That cold air breeze slowed up his face like the snow of a wintery day. If that is a thing… Anyway he ran into the street feeling more cold then ever. He had forgotten that he was bare. So suddenly he rushed back inside to warm himself
:iconmedlog:MedLog 31 19
Mature content
Jeff x Male Reader VII :iconmedlog:MedLog 9 1
Shadow's with Face's ! by MedLog Shadow's with Face's ! :iconmedlog:MedLog 2 0
Jeff x M.Reader VI
Since about 2 years ago I haven’t seen Jeff, I am now in high school in my second year… Police questioned me the night about Jeff, I only told them that he was my best friend… I didn’t told them about me being his… I shook my head. I cant believe I’m remembering about that. I look at the bored. Equations about math I rolled my eyes. I began writing the equation down.
“Alright class, pencils down. I need to take roll after that your free to do what ever.” I don’t like this class… I began to solve the rest of the equation on my own.
“Do you really think that, that boy is (M/N) (L/N) ?” Said one person. I rolled my eyes again. I might as well say my damn past out loud…
“Shut up, your wrong he doesn’t even look like the kid.” Who thinks I don’t, every one grows up. Not like were going to look the same until we die…
“Should we ask?
:iconmedlog:MedLog 11 0
Mature content
Jeff x M.Reader V :iconmedlog:MedLog 11 3
Mature content
Jeff x M.Reader IV :iconmedlog:MedLog 7 6
FINN X M. Human Amnesia Pt.7
“Mon-Mon, ” I told him I carefully lift his hand. “ Tell me who is that guy that you were talking about?” Mon-Mon smiled.
“I don’t know?” Another full spoken sentence wow.
“Wait what do you mean you don’t know?” I told him. He just shrugged.
“He… t-taught… Mon-Mon, new v-v-vocabulary….” He is doing better with speaking without us… Man that other guy though…
“Mon-Mon, please stay away from him…”
“Why, he said he was with me longer than you-“
“WHAT!!! How’s that I didn’t saw him in that cave or anywhere since I was with you !” I argued. I made Mon-Mon scared of me. “Mon-Mon, oh glob I’m sorry I didn’t mean.” I reached out towards him. Mon- Mon ran away. “Wait Mon- Mon!” Dammit Finn you have screwed up this time, than PB. I ran after him.
It was like a chase at first, and now its like hide and seek,
:iconmedlog:MedLog 22 4
Mature content
Jeff X M.Reader III :iconmedlog:MedLog 11 0


Be True [Male!Reader x Link] I
(Name) was bored. When I say bored, I mean he had a whole ton of things he could do, but he was bored because he couldn’t do anything fun with one certain person: Link. His Link, to be exact, and only in a mildly sexual sense; (Name) was more so over-possessive and over-protective of the green-cloaked lad ever since they had met because, well, Link was an extravagant, calm hero-type that (Name) only wished he could be. Others would call it lustful attraction, but the teen rightfully knew it was just respect.
When Link departed on his journey after his brief visit to Castle Town, his (h/c) haired friend couldn’t help but whine and cling to his arm weakly in protest of his departure. However, a handsome smile and a soft promise of his return in due time of three weeks was enough for (Name), and he sadly let the hero continue on his journey.
(Name) could still picture the hero’s back as he turned and left Castle Town.
The teen sighed. Link hadn’t r
:iconaeesiir:aeesiir 237 34
Jeff the Killer x reader | Prologue
Entering the Forest was probably one of the most dumbest things you've done. Like...why would you even do that? And why at night? You've read the stories, theories, and watched the news about the murders that's been going on here. Maybe you wanted to see the figure for yourself? You were curious, yeah, but was death really worth it?
I mean you joked about dying all the time and if you survive this imagine how cool you'd be. You'd be known as the person who not only saw the killer but got away from it too. Who else has done that?! Nobody, that's who!
Granted, everyone who entered here was dead but that's not the point.
You'd be so awesome.
With new found giddiness you continued your walk down the concrete path that lead deeper into the woods. The farther you traveled the more it seemed as if the trees were eating away at the world around you. God. There were so many. Like, you get that this is a forest and all but you never imagined there'd be this many trees her
:iconh--idenka:h--idenka 11 2
Mature content
Erik X Male!Reader ~ Distractions (Preview) :iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 9 14
Commission #15 by pompon-chan Commission #15 :iconpompon-chan:pompon-chan 968 94
L4D2 Hunter x Male!Reader - Chapter 1
    Travelling this late at night in a zombie apocalypse probably wasn't the best idea, but with my supplies dwindling down to a mere half bottle of water and a handful of bullets, I wasn't going to last much longer. I had no choice. As long as I used stealth, watched where I was going, listened for booming footsteps, choking noises, and that disembodied, obnoxious crying, I would be fine. I have to be careful with how much water I drink, too. Who knows how long it will be before I find another source? It could be at my current destination, for all I know. Or it could be three days after I run out, ya know, when I'm dead or dying.
    Luckily, the store I was headed to was just at the end of this block. I slowly stood up to look over the roof of the pitifully abandoned car and down the street. There was no noise besides the sound of the wind blowing between the desolate buildings, carrying light debris such as paper and dust. It was hard to see, but the remaining li
:iconkurai-ryora:Kurai-Ryora 62 22
L4D2 Hunter x Male!Reader - Chapter 2
    ~ Hunter POV ~
    I don't know how long it had been since my pack mates left to find our human medicine. Those Smoker fumes were brutal, and to what degree he had coughed when he tried to speak worried me quite a bit. I looked back to where he was sleeping. It was nearly laughable by this time he already trusted me enough to pass out so soon. His skin was becoming a slightly pallid. That didn't look healthy in what relation to what we usually saw him as. It probably wouldn't hurt to check up on him, so I decided to leave my post at the entrance for the time being. If someone - or something - came close, I would be able to hear and smell them before they had the chance to enter the building.
    Cautiously as to not startle the human awake, I made my way over to an open spot next to his cot on the floor. We anonymously helped him get this ratty mattress to here by separating groups of the Infected and leading them off towards us to take them out. It wa
:iconkurai-ryora:Kurai-Ryora 65 22
Drop me, you die || Ezio Auditore x Male Reader
“When you said fun, this is in no way included in the description.” You said, promptly setting a glare at the smirking assassin. His smirk grew into a grin, one of his hands pinning your wrists behind the wood of the viewpoint you were both on. The breeze ruffled your hood, whistling  against your ears and you dared to glanced from the corner of your eyes. You immediately regretted it. You were higher than you thought. You’re mind jumped into freak out mode.
Shit! Why did I look?!
Your stomach flipped and the world began to spin. Your breathing grew rapid, arms straining to find purchase on the one thing that seemed to keep you from completely succumbing to the feeling of unbalance. Eyes wide and frantic, you jerked slightly, anything to get away from the height. You were too lost to even care about how pitiful the desperate whimper that escaped you sounded.
So high, too high. Salvami per favore (save me please).
You must’ve been hype
:iconvortexgeronimo:VortexGeronimo 58 2
[C] Nex by GoldenTar [C] Nex :icongoldentar:GoldenTar 590 8
Mute!Link X Male!Reader ~ Teach Me
You stared at your hands as you tried to arrange your fingers in the unfamiliar manner in which you had been instructed. This was so hard. Link frowned at you before shuffling forward and into your personal space so that he could take your hands, gently adjusting your fingers until you were correctly making the sign. The two of you were sitting cross-legged on the floor of your boyfriend's living room as he helped you learn the basic signs you had been working on recently.
It wasn't going well.
Well, the signing itself wasn't going well. There was just so much to learn that it all started to blur into one for you, though Link reassured you frequently that it was something you would eventually be able to pick up, with enough time and practice. Personally you weren't too sure.
Your relationship, on the other hand, was going amazing. You decided, smiling as you inspected your boyfriend's face, as he turned his attention to the small neatly written list of signs he was attempting to
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 81 18
Ao Oni (HirOni) Fanfic Part 1
Hiroshi POV:
A month after the nightmare... Still his friends were gone. the only evidence of their existence were their heartbroken parents and their empty desks at school. Hiroshi didn't know what to do or say, he hadn't stepped forward to tell them about the experience at the abandoned house; who would believe him and not think him the suspect? The boy sighed and packed up his school bag, absently saying his good-byes to fellow students as he started his way home.
Ao Oni POV:
Anger was all he felt now...nothing else. The presence of the boy's friends only further angered him. He should have him there too...a silver haired Oni to stay with him forever in the house that he should have never been able to leave. Ao had previously thought his mansion an impossible puzzle to solve...especially with himself chasing whomever was trying to solve it. How could he know that the boy was so clever? Had he known...things would be different. Anger again.
Hiroshi POV:
Hiroshi didn't know what to do
:icongemini-astrae:Gemini-Astrae 89 42
Moon and Stars by Lighane Moon and Stars :iconlighane:Lighane 1,078 87
Mature content
Jeff the Killer: Jeffx(M/F)Reader, Good :iconbloggerofstupid:bloggerofstupid 8 1
Jeff the Killer: Jeffx(M/F)Reader, Confession
"Alex, I'm supposed to check your back before we go to the mall, remember?"
I stood by the door in my jeans, jacket, scarf, and hat.  It had been really cold that day, the beginning of winter.  Shifting my bag higher up on my shoulder, I shuffled my feet uncomfortably.  "I have to get the clothes now, Destri," I said with urgency.  "We'll have time for that later."  I already had his front door open and was standing halfway out.
He stared at me a moment, and I held my breath.  Maybe he'll buy it.  Nope.  I turned around and quickly hopped down his porch steps when he ran at me, and I speed walked up the sidewalk a bit to put distance between us, watching him the whole time.  He sighed and gave up pursuit, shutting and locking the door behind him and jumping over the steps onto the sidewalk.  "Alex, you're acting like a kid," he said, walking after me.  I just turned back around and walked so that the distance between us remained th
:iconbloggerofstupid:bloggerofstupid 7 0
Jeff the Killer: Jeffx(M/F)Reader, Cereal
It was still early in the morning.  The clock on the cement wall said three a.m.  I could still hear them partying upstairs though, the bass of their music dropping so hard that it fell through two levels of the house and into the lower room.  I could even feel it pulsing through my feet into my chest.  One of the girls had come down, clearly highly intoxicated and stumbling around the room, trying to find something.  I have no idea what it was, but when she saw me after I almost succeeded in hiding myself from her under the bed she tried to make out with me.  Luckily someone else, just as drunk, came down to get her, and they left together leaving me with my virgin lips.  Hooray.  I don't think I would want to waste my kiss on her, drunk or sober.
My back ached so much, throbbing and stinging every few seconds.  Whenever I moved any part of my body, I could feel the skin stretching and pulling apart, sometimes being so painful that I yelled
:iconbloggerofstupid:bloggerofstupid 6 0
Mature content
Jeff the Killer: Jeffx(M/F)Reader, Live Victim :iconbloggerofstupid:bloggerofstupid 7 0
Jeff the Killer: Jeffx(M/F)Reader, Nightwatch
We'd been sitting in this bare spot of the woods for an hour now, waiting for Jeff.  I was beginning to think- to hope- that he wouldn't come.  Just the image of his face in my nightmares was enough to get my heart racing.  After school, on our way here, I'd had to slow down repeatedly because my breathing was too ragged.  Destri didn't complain or sigh like he normally would.  That's how I know he's really concentrating on something.  And this time I know what that "something" is.
But we went into the woods and waited for EVER, and he didn't show up.  I picked at some leaves in the dirt, sitting cross legged watching as Destri paced back and forth, agitated and nervous.  I felt kind of sorry for dragging him into this.  Jeff didn't say he had to come.  He could've stayed home or gone with Rick again, and just left me.  But I was really really reallllly glad he didn't.
"Maybe he forgot?" I suggest in a hopeful tone.  I noted t
:iconbloggerofstupid:bloggerofstupid 8 0


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here is the deal. I will not be submitting any x male/ readers until august in 2017. If I end up finishing before that than good. I know, how can you say that! well, im having a big writer's block and I suddenly noticed that my stories NEED editing. Mostly Jeff x m. Reader. Besides doing this I cannot upload anything right now. 

When doing editing, I'll add more to the story line making more sense and visuals. Making sure sentences DO make sense.

For future deviations, I am planning to make new x m. readers. I actually noticed that there are not enough certain types of x m. Readers. And for the sake of doing so, it will be my duty to fulfill that notice. Well, that's it. Well see yah.


here is the deal. I will not be submitting any x male/ readers until august in 2017. If I end up finishing before that than good. I know, how can you say that! well, im having a big writer's block and I suddenly noticed that my stories NEED editing. Mostly Jeff x m. Reader. Besides doing this I cannot upload anything right now. 

When doing editing, I'll add more to the story line making more sense and visuals. Making sure sentences DO make sense.

For future deviations, I am planning to make new x m. readers. I actually noticed that there are not enough certain types of x m. Readers. And for the sake of doing so, it will be my duty to fulfill that notice. Well, that's it. Well see yah.

The marshmallow male walked along the banks of the candy kingdom. Listening to the inside sounds of joy. Joy… what makes it a feeling? He thought to himself.

“I cant believe no one could tell me were She lives.” He complained to himself as he banged his own head against the candy wall. Looking down at the ground he realized that his fantasy of telling her his feelings might not ever come true. “Why universe! Why must you be so rude!” He silently wept.

“What’s with your attitude?” Called the stranger behind him. “It sounds like you hate everything just now.” They said. The male turned around swiftly on his heel ignoring that he already made his shoes dirty. He looked straight at them. “What’s with that look?” To great surprise. It was a box talking to him. A rather small one.


“Are you not going to reply?” Said the box as it scoot forward. The male pinned himself back against the wall. Not wanting to get closer to what ever that box thing was. The box stopped then sneezed. He jumped back hitting himself against the wall once more. “Sorry about that. So are you dumb? Since you cant reply to me or… Are you just shy? I can get it if your shy.”

“I-I am not dumb. But what are you?” He said as he straightened himself up. Looking more carefully to the small box. “Are you a disgusting creature?” The box jumped in irritation.

“DISGUSTING!” they screamed.

“I am sorry I didn’t me-“ the box went up to his feet. Banging back and forth, as if they were actually hurting him. He just looked at them in confusion.

“If I had a stronger body you would be down by now!” It looked up to him. Its empty eye sockets creeping him out as there eyes look like dark voids. He looked away. “HEY!” They said. “LOOK AT ME WHEN IM TALKING TO YOU!”

“No thank you please.” We replied. The box jumped again.

“And why not?”

“Well  you creep me out to be precise…” He said as he looked towards them. “Actually what kingdom are you from? I’ve never seen your kind before.” He said bending down to their level, Then he paid close to the details of the box person. He then poked them.

“Stop that I am not a toy!” they said flaring there arms towards his face. “And I was made by a wizard thank you very much.”

“A wizard Huh? Then were are they?” He questioned the Box. Then they looked down.

“I don’t know exactly. I just remember that they created me one day, then the next they disappeared.” The box looked behind themselves as if they were trying to see there Wizard would be walking out. Poor thing… I guess there were wondering around since then. Trying to find there Wizard. “But that’s enough about me.” They look up at the male. “Why were you banging your head?” The male stood up.

“I don’t need to tell you that.” He said as he began to walk off. “Well then ‘Box’ I must be goin on my way.” He said turning a corner. From the corner of his eye he saw them following him. He turned around. “Is there something you need?”

“NO.” They said in a stubborn way. “I was just heading in the same direction as you.” They continued to walk past him.

“If you say so…” He said. Following the box now. The box then swiftly turned towards him again.

“Hey you wanna see a cool trick?” They said.

“Depends what type o-“ As he was saying this the Box had already token its head off without hesitation.

“So cool right!?” they said excitedly. But for the other. His mind, and stomach couldn’t handle the pressure to well. So he fell to the ground. “ I guess it was to much….”

----------------------------------------------------- * -------------------------------------

“Hey…” He softly heard a voice. “Are you alright? I feel like I did something bad… Like killed you.” It took a moment to think its choice of words. “I’ll go grab water…” It was silent for a while, Until water was dumped on (M/N). He quickly sat up, looking around. Blurry due to the water in his eyes. He gently rubbed them to clear his vision. He was surprise and freaked out that he was in his own home, on his couch. And the box just sitting on the ground like a pet. Mostly a dog.

“W-Why are you in my house? How did I even get here? Why are you still here!?” He questioned himself on many questions, including the one of how they could drag of even pick him up to his house. Or even how they got his address!

“I am in your house to take care of you, I felt bad that you fainted over my head, but I don’t know if you’re an actual idiot to leave your address and info about yourself in your wallet. And finally the only reason why I’m still here is you to repay for your dept.”

“Dept. What do you mean? I don’t owe you anything.” He argued back. Slightly holding his head.

“I saved your life.-“

“I just fainted! That does not count for being saved.”

“Well you could have gotten stolen, or may have gotten sick. Even worse you could have been robbed!”

“Sure… thing.” He said as he looked at the box. The box then looked into his eyes. “Your creeping me out, please stop.”

“Only if you let me stay~” They replied to him, as they tilt there head.

“NO.” He protested.

“But I know where ‘Marceline’ is…” They said as they turned around. Beginning to walk away. The male looked back behind him, pondering truly, if this person, thing, object is correct. He breathed.

“Then please show me, and then I will help you find that wizard guy you have been asking about.” The male said as he knelt down, leveling the plain. He then brought out his hand. “You have my word as a Gentle men.” They looked at him, pitch blank eyes that show no sign of agreement, until.

“Sure, why not! Besides how else are you going to repay my debt!?” They agreed to him. They did not shake his hand in turn. They turned around ignoring the hand that was shown.  “shall we go then! I know a short cut to Them!”

“Her… You mean her.” He said unsure.

“Yeah what ever!. Lets just go!” They said continuing to go straight out the door of his home. “I know all sorts of ways. And stuff!” As the Box finally left outside. The male had a deep feeling that this was not going to go well. Even for his radical fear of ‘dirt’

Marceline x Male Reader
do i have to take down the picture. If it looks like that Amazon box? I didn't know it almost looked exactly like it... 

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Mon-Mon sat quietly on the ground looking into the darkness of some sort of room he is in. He doesn’t fully understand what is happening, but one thing is certain, Finn was nowhere. And he did not like that. He stood up on his own two feet, Balancing himself. He knows something was very wrong. Something in his mind is telling him that this feeling is abnormal to be right. So how can it be not right, If only he could remember.

Mon-Mon looked straight forward. Ignoring his surroundings. He breathed calmly then closed his own eyes. Remember he told himself. Remember everything. He told himself again. He quickly open his eye’s

“How can I remember words, that I have not said before.” He clamed his mouth with his hands. How can he speak a full sentence without messing up? It was a moment that he felt pleased. Even though he can speak at least this fluent without knowing, then that means something is opening inside. He began to pace back and forth in the darkness. This has to be yet another feeling. What was it called. Anxiety?

Well aren’t you nervous tonight. What’s on your mind (M/N).

Ah, sorry. I was just thinking that I might make a mistake tonight.

Mistake? That’s Bizarre for me, I never knew you could act this way.

It is not the first time though. But tonight is special to our family. If I was to do something to make our name… I just don’t want that.

You’re a good brother to worry about us. But don’t worry. At least its not me. You know how clumsy  I get when I too, get nervous.

A memory! But he still cant remember who she is. She did say brother. So does that mean… It cant. But… He has to remember more. He will remember more. Cause he wants to know who he is. What he is, how he fits with everyone on this planet.

He took a deep breath. Filling his lunges with the earthy air.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Yeah, but are you sure that I will be able to carry it on for future generation?

Son, I know you can. You are the next heir to the thrown. Other than your sister. But think of the possibility’s. I can already see how wonderful our future will be.


Shh,  lets just enjoy the scene while I’m still your king.

Wait… This… How could… I was supposed to be king… But Think. Remember more. Please.

Crowds cheered, Music blared in wonderful notes. People clapping, standing, smiling. My heart pounding. My body hot, sweaty.

(M/N) it’s alright you don’t have to give a speech for your coordination. You could just give your respects. Thank your people in trusting you until you give the thrown to your younger sister.

I calmed down.

Thank you mom. I am glad to have you.

I look to the crowded people below me. I raised my hands to silence them. Then stood up. I began walking to the edge of the balcony, keeping my hand up so everyone knows I still wanted them to be silent. I drop it to my side. I look over to my family. They all smiled, mom and dad nodded. I look back over to the crowd. I took a deep breath.

Then without warning a blast busted through the rock walls to were my family sat. Unfortunately I was pushed off the balcony before I was hit. Later that night, in the nursery. My friend took care of me, telling me how I was absolutely lucky that I wasn’t hit. But that only made me feel more guilty. Even though he was the court wizard, and my secret lover I knew something was going on, I could tell from the words he spoke.

Who did it… I told him. He didn’t really answer my question fast enough. I sat up. Feeling the bandages around my body. Tell me Who did it. I demanded. Then I knew who, I quickly went for a nearby object. But stopped by an abrupt force to my wrist. I look over at him. How could you even do this. My family trusted you, I trusted you! He began to force me down. Guards! Guards Help! No one.

I did this for use. Your family was getting in the way in our love. Couldn’t you see that? I felt disgusted, horrified to learn that the one I loved was plaining this in his mind.

I want you out, I don’t want to ever see your face ever again! DO YOU UNDERSTAND! I got slapped. I felt the pain. I look at him, my eyes filled with tears.

I thought you’ll be happy… But you’ll see right? He hold the hand he slap me with. He then got off from the nursery bed I was in. I’ll be back. So don’t go off anywhere. He smiled at me as he began to walk out of the room. As soon as I couldn’t see him, I began to walk myself out of the bed. Then running, ignoring the pain that has been shooting up in my body, to finally find one of my guards men, to tell him and the rest that there is an traitor, and that when sighted he needs to be executed.

He opened his eyes. He felt a pain in the pit of his stomach. He didn’t like it. It hurt a lot.

“I see your finally remembering…” He heard a voice from the dark. He carefully listened for the voice. “But your still having trouble huh…” Once more he listened trying this time to pin point the voice.

“I don’t get it.” He told the voice. Wanting to see what information he could give him. But after the long silence that took up his sentence he was unsure what to expect. He began to walk forward. Hoping he would find a way out or at least bump into the wall.

“If you keep going you’ll defiantly bump into that wall…” He then stopped.

“Then tell me where to go.” He said to the voice. Hoping that the voice can take him out of the dark.

“I’ll just guide you instead, just hold out your hand. Trust me. I wont trick you…” Without hesitation he hold out his hands. He felt a cold slick appendage grab one hand and a cold, metallic with another one. From there he was guided more into the darkness. “ It’s been so long, I completely forgot what you sounded like… And felt. But now, since your remembering… I don’t know how to say this. But I have missed you. I also been looking for you since the bomb went off. It created this life around us. Isn’t that wonderful.”

“It is.”  He agreed. “But that does not answer what I have asked.” A sudden stop made the boy almost fall over.

“What do you really expect from me? A curtsy, should I bow to you like when we were kids, or when you were about to be crowned king? Sorry prince, but in this world… Right now your nothing compared to anything else.” The voice said to him, as he tightened the grip around the hands of the other. “Just shut up. I’ll tell you lots of wondrous memories of us. Then I’ll decide what we should do from there.” He said as they kept walking.



“So Finn, how did you two meet again?”

“Marceline we don’t have time for this right now. We have save Mon- Mon. Isn’t that right Finn?”

“Yeah, Besides I don’t think it’s the appropriate time to talk about it right now… Since its sorta… You know…” Finn said to Marceline as she floated in front of Bubble Gum.  He tried to look forward to the things when he see’s Mon-Mon again. And the part where he was going to punch the living out of that guy who took him. But for now he has to find where they could be, and since they have teleported it can take awhile. Since they could be anywhere in the world. Even worse the universe. But maybe someone could help with that. Other then the two ‘fears’ Keres and… Fear feaster. She said her name was somewhat important in her time, where almost every fear lived in paradise. What ever that meant. But Finn still continued to walk forward ignoring most of his Surroundings, figuring a way to see who else can help them. Maybe Marceline’s dad. Or Death… Maybe not. He can trust that the Fear’s can handle this without any cost’s.

“Finn.” Jake said to him, as he shrunk down to Finn’s left shoulder. “What do you think is going to happen?

“Don’t know Jake. We’ll just have to wait and find out. But one thing is for sure…” Finn said as his expression becomes more serious. Jake felt like he was actually going to murder. “Once I find that guy. Im going to make sure that he wishes that he was never born.” He smirked.  Marceline and P.B. stopped to look at him. They seemed little frightened, but also surprised. The Fears on the other hand didn’t really paid to much about it. Keres began scoffing something about how creatures like us never seem to make up our mind. Marceline thought it was cruel.

“Hey you got something you want to say to my face ghost?” She told Keres. But Keres ignored her and carried on. Like she wasn’t really talking to us. So we all just continued our walk to whatever. Wondering what will happen next in our short, or long journey to rescue Mon-Mon.


“Tell me about you… Even though I cant recall who exactly you are. I just only know some things… You were my friend… My… Used to be my lover… And you killed my Family during my coordination.”  He told the male. Once again trying to strike a conversation in this weird part of place. That he couldn’t seem to point out what it was. All he almost knew is that this place is underground. Where it is very cold and wet. With glowing plants.

“You could only remember that? What a weird way to start… But since you have been following me without any issue’s. I’ll tell you very little. Well it might seem little but it would be lot in my case. Anyhow. As your old Champion… I am (H/N) (I don’t know which name to pick… (H/N)=his name)” He said, as light raised from unknown sources. Filling the room with odd trinkets, bright/dull liquid in containers, books, tables, a singular bed, and piles of some sort of things everywhere. Rather then present. It felt rather disgusting then Finn’s place. Actually more disturbing. His eyes mostly adjusted to his surroundings, and what perfect timing to look at (H/N). But then… He’s wearing a hood… All that (M/N) could see was a tuff of black, grey blue hair. And his hands, whish was an green appendage… And a robotic hand. Like Neptr. Finn’s supposed ‘son’.

“I want to see you.” (M/N) said. As he walked closer to him.

“You wouldn’t really love me now, if you do.” He said Stepping back, when (M/N) stepped closer. He continued to do this until he was backed up in his own corner. “If you do this then I have no choice in doing something you’ll regret…” He told (M/N) as he himself to one last step. (M/N) could almost see his face. Only the chin and lips seem to be the only physical part he can see. And there both ghastly dry… faded even.  Pale. He reached his hand to touch. But it was grabbed away. “Here’s a deal…” (H/N) began to say. “How about you give me your… ‘Wings’ Then I can show you.”

“Wings?” He thought for a moment, but then remembered what had happen at that dreaded ice palace. He shivered as he got down on his knee’s. “It’s already been Taken away…” He stared at the ground. His eyes turning cold.

“Oh… Really? You sure it wasn’t just a dream.. Who said that you had that horrible experience. Sure it might have looked real. But I think that was apart of the trance from a bargain…” (M/N) quickly looked up, He has no idea what (H/N) was saying.

“What are you trying to say…” He said.

“Magic… Always Magic. This is how it actually happen. Besides… To think that old Piece of Shit would have your Innocence. Hah! Don’t make me laugh. Once after he hit his pathetic penguin to the ground, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Plus, who told that penguin about that crawl space. Bingo! ME!... Anyhow. I put a… How could I saw this… A dream, barrier/ Something like that. Once you go in you fall asleep. Best part his. Whoever is in it, share. Simple. And to make it more real. I had to make you bleed from there. Not to painfully, Just some internal bleeding. I made you ate it while you were the ‘kings’ prisoner. Takes a while to effect no? But anyway towards the end, I tare your clothes, put fake blood. Made your back almost broken, also made Finn actually hit the king…. Hmmm Think that’s mostly it though. If I remember anything else I’ll tell you in the future.” He smiled at the other from above.

(M/N) was so speechless he forgotten to blink for a whole minute before processing it all already. He slumped on the floor. Something felt very upsetting in his stomach that he couldn’t no longer hold it in. He covered his mouth. Trying to keep the vail down his throat. So… It was almost all some sick game during that time… Using him to mess up his mind. To feel something that didn’t have happen at all. Sick. He looked at (H/N). Anger. He quickly wanted to punch the living out of his eyes. But then he felt sudden jolt of a loss in strength.

“Good. It’s working.” (H/N) cocked his head to the right. “I thought it wouldn’t start.” He said as he picked (M/N) from the ground. “I wasn’t really asking for Forgiveness. Or a answer. I was going to take you no matter what. Besides. I, nor you was not the reason you have your memories… That…” He sigh. “I mean your New Champion.” He cleared his throat. “Was the one who did it… Love is very strong don’t you think?” (M/N) had a tough time trying to speak the words out of his mouth. “ Oh sorry, I don’t speak that. But in case you are actually wandering. Your wizard put the cure in as true love. I still don’t get why everything has to be broken with True love, this and that. Makes me sick now.” He said Continuing to carry (M/n) to the bed. “ Say have you pulled a lot of pounds? Or have you.” He joked to the other, putting them down on the singular bed. “Anyhow, I have something to do so don’t move, Matter of fact. You should sleep. It’s going to be a long night. He said to the other male as he gently waved down the others eyes with his hands. Making him fall fast asleep. “Better.” He said as he pulled his hood down. “Time for work…” He turned over to his chemistry lab.


“He’s close… Real close.” Keres told everyone… “And it turns out that he is alright. I thought my prediction would come true through half the Journey.”

“Prediction.” Finn repeated. “Wait you told me it was current. Did you lie to me!” He asked Keres. She only swayed her head side to side.

“What I saw was true… Unless…” She began to blow darker. Fear Feaster Warned them to step back before- She burned around her. Which Burned Fear Feaster who was next to her. “I was tricked by a mortal!” She hissed at everyone. Looking everywhere trying to figure what actually happen. But she couldn’t. So she decided to grab Fear Feaster and started tossing him around, and throwing powerful attacks at him until she herself was cooled. Everyone around her just stood to the side. Letting her take her rage out. She then looked at Finn. She Teleported to him. Face to Face. Finn could feel the fires of Death radiating off from her. “Once you are Finished with him. I want him.” She told Him. Finn not wanting to disagree or upset her more. Nodded. She then floated towards a singular spot. Then started throwing attacks on the ground, left and right. Like a machine. Fear Feaster just calmly floated next to Finn. Worn out. Finn felt sorry for him. But not so sorry for that other guy though. Marceline and P.B. Kept talking to each other as they Question about Keres. And her methods. And Jake is sorta sleeping on his shoulder. Kind of. Its hard to tell with the open eyes.

After waiting for about most of dawn and Dusk, almost morning. Everyone began to wake up from the sudden laud crack in the earth. Keres, finished with whatever she was doing . Slowly floated to he surface. Heading her way towards Fear Feaster, She gently laid her head on his figure. “Your path is open… You will find it easy to go down… And to look around. Just remember about our arrangement. I’ll see you soon.” She said falling halfway down as Fear Feaster catches her in his arm like shadows. Finn nodded understanding her situation. Fear Feaster said he would stay up here with her until she could be fully recovered. Finn looked at the rest, half asleep group.

“You guys ready to kick some butt!” He said encouraging. They all nodded. Jake also telling Finn that he was born ready to do this rad stuff. And so They all jumped down into the Giant dark hole.


(M/N) slowly opened his eye’s, Feeling like he was hit by something. Actually something did happen. He looked around, moving his head only. It was still bright in the room. Well dimly lite. (M/N) then looked towards his left. Were he heard faint scrapping, word play and bright flashes of color.

“There getting closer then I thought… Damn it.” (H/N) hissed. Is Finn here then? He asked himself. He began to sit up more. Trying to move his body awake. “Lets see how these things work.” (H/N) smiled as he set something on his table with a ‘Clack’.


“Something’s Coming!” Bubble Gum said as she backed up behind the fighter’s. Not wanting her technology to get broken. “There coming rather fast pace guys, so keep your guards up.”

“No problem, Not lot there going to survive us.” Marceline snickered. As she shaped shifted into her bat like form. Jake Grew bigger. And Finn just pulled out one of his many swords.

“Im ready to start this Dance!” Finn said jumping in front of the group.


(Happening @ both scene’s)

Hordes of clay monster’s stumbled there way into the paths or Finn and his group. Mon- Mon, Also known as Prince (M/N) is slowly making recovery, making his way very slowly to stop (H/N) as he continues to sculpt and build more clay armies. 

Finn Slicing through everything as if it were nothing compared to paper. Marceline stepping on them like ants while swinging her guitar axe. While Jake swung his arms everywhere, not letting a single monster go near P.B. and her electronics. Finn finally decides to rush in, while there are little to none in the corridors. But P.B is warning him that there are still more coming, bigger ones too. But he ignores. Pushing his way to the very end of this hallway.

Mon-Mon slowly stands fully straight. His vision not so clear. He thinks he’s seeing colors and shapes that don’t belong were he is. He takes on step then another. He breaths calmly. Slow and silent. Not wanting to make any more sounds then (H/N) is doing.

“How about I sent three BIG guys to finish the job. Wont be that hard, just need to –“ Before he could finish his sentence Mon-Mon grab his sharp sculpting tool, to his neck.

“Don’t you dare move…” He said short breathed. His hood was up still. At least that is what he thinks.

“You don’t sound to good… My prince…” He said holding his hands in the air. “Maybe it’s the lack of Oxygen in this chamber…” HE turned his face. His hood slowly sliding off. Mon- Mon was sweating he was getting hot for no reason. And he does feel quinsy. He began to lose his gripping on the tool. His mind slowly feeling fuzy.

Finn was close. He could see the light, The stench of something. He began to sprint to his destination. He pulled his hands out in front of him. Ready to push the door open.

Mon- Mon dropped the tool. His hands slowly resting on (H/N) shoulders. The hood halfway down. Green skin… Pale skin… Stiches… Blue eye… Red eye. He closed his eyes.

Finn Busted through the door. He was out of breath. Sweat gliding down his brow off his face. The gush of wind made papers flew, and the stench worse. But what he saw made him fill with anger, Defeat. There in the room stood Mon- Mon- And Some weird cyborg, thing creature kissing.

Mon- Mon felt a nice breeze hit his face, he slowly reopen his eyes to see Finn. He smiled. But his lips felt heavy… He focused on the blurry object in front of him. (H/N) was kissing him. He felt degusted. He put his arms up and pushed, But he couldn’t. To weak. He began to fall. He went slump.

Finn saw Mon- Mon pushing. Then fell. He jerked himself towards him but was stopped by him.

“I wouldn’t move…. If I were you. Hero.” He smiled at the (M/C)’s Champion.

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Bigby x M.Reader.

The gift of giving... and Taking.

It was Christmas in Fable Town that day. Nothing to over whelming. Just another day, except for a visitor that went around every few hundred years to spend with every one and he was very rare in this world. The white Rabbit. But not just any White Rabbit, The one and Only Christmas Rabbit, Which he is mainly known for giving special ‘gifts’ to those. But they themselves receive the most special, if the gift is equivalent to the lost they have faced. Like if someone lost… Lets say a ring that they spent half of there life savings on for there loving wife, then he will give a ‘special’ ring back to them. But not all things can be given over the right amount of ‘special’ it truly gives. Hence forth to this sad, lonely present time. Where a lot of precious lives, and stolen goods are always at risk. But lets just see how this story will work out for now.

Bigby. The big bad wolf was just walking along the streets of Fable Town, when all of a sudden a new scent caught his attention. Not knowing for sue what to think on, his ‘animal’ instincts kicked in on auto pilot. And out of the blue he began to change. While this was happening  Snow had just gotten done with another case with, yet again, another residence. When she walked in front of her window to see Bigby, turning. She began to hesitate, but then quickly called down Bluebeard, and Aunty Green for assistance. Once they quickly went down the steps and towards Bigby they could tell right away that this was no ‘Savage’ act of turning at once. Aunty Green Suggested that something was in the air and was causing this. But Bluebeard starting ranting that this might be dangerous to assume that it was something in the air and that it might be another case happening in Fable Town. Before anyone could argue over the fact, Bigby calmed his rising instinct as the smell shifted away and began telling the group that Aunty Green was correct. She scoffed in front of Bluebeard for the success she has made. Then Bigby decided on behalf of the group that he should investigate on this at once, before anyone like himself begins to ‘turn’ without thinking. But Snow stopped him, suggesting that it would be a bad idea since he couldn’t stop the urge to change, than going at it again to change. Especially in the Mundy world. But Aunty Green thought of a solution. Taking away his smell. Sure it will work thought the group, but Will Bigby be willing to take his own nose away long enough so that he could catch the culprit in time? It was sure heck a chance.

Bigby agreed on those terms, And Aunty green said that it can wear off at any single point in time or place, so he must be very carful when roaming around. Snow then said, “If its supposed to stop at any given moment then why make it at all?” That wasn’t really a good question remarked the witch as she herself told Snow that it does not wear off as soon as they expected, the longest it has ever lasted was up to four hours and the shortest it did last was only about two hours, that is a big gape to say that it will not work. Snow didn’t say anything back.

Bigby wondered off on the streets remembering the last sniff of that scent from earlier. But since his nose cannot smell a single thing right now, it will be hard for him to just track this person down. But then he thought to himself, why would they start this during Christmas Day? Was it to turn family’s apart or just something that they wanted to do for a sick pleasure, like some sort of disease. Anyhow he will have to use his observation skills to figure out were this person is. But as the short amount of time passed, it somehow became dark, and there was no signs of riots or crimes, the only normal thing he has seen today was the shitty routine he has been seeing since he became sheriff. Which made him feel weird. So he begin to walk around smoking his ‘Huff and Puff’ cigarette brand. Until he kept hearing little whimpers and soft cry’s from a ally way, he silently  crept his way to the corner to listen on whoever they might be.

“You look very cute… with that white hair of yours, looks like your one of those plushies.” One male voice said, gruff and short breathed.

“I don’t want any trouble sir, I am only doing my job, Please people are expecting me tonight.” Said a much softer, gentle voice. Another male.

“Are you supposed to be one of Santa’s little helper’s? Oh maybe you should help me, I’m sure ‘Santa’ wont mind at all, Little Rabbit~” Said the same gruff, short breath voice.

“NO!, NO PLEASE!” The other one said. Bigby began to come out of the of the corner, Clearing his voice as he looked at who the two ‘people’ where. A grown man maybe in his late forty’s, overweighed, hair thinning, and out of shape, along with the lack of hygiene. If Bigby could smell right now his nose would certainly fall a few steps back from being a excellent sniffer. But sadly no. In the grip of the older mans arms was no older then possibly a 12 year old, Snow white hair, (E/C) bright eyes, that seem to sparkle in the lights around them. And (S/C) skin. Clean and spotless not a single mark or print. Bigby narrowed his eyes at the Boy, Seeing now that he wore soft blue colors, making him look like he was apart of the night, his boots were a little strange, since there are white and puffy like his hair, but they also seemed to glow in the moon light. Then what seemed most out of place was no other then his sack. Red glimmers made this bag looked more Christmas then he was.

“Is there a problem here?” Bigby asked. Looking mostly at the boy.

“YE-“ Said the boy before he was cut off by the older man.

“No, were just having fun, Isn’t that right ‘Little Bunny’? He changed his nickname. The boy looked pleadingly at Bigby Wanting for help. And hoping that he will help than letting this guy have his way with him. Bigby kept his eyes on the boy.

“I wasn’t asking you.” He replied to the other male, still keeping eyes on the boy. The male then pushed the boy towards Bigby, He catches the boy in his arms.

“Listen here, Im not looking for trouble tonight. I only wanted to have fun that’s all. So you should-“ Before he could finish his sentence he ran to the other end of the ally. Bigby only swayed his head side to side.

“Sir, I’m not sure to say anything. But your eye’s…” Bigby looked down at the boy, He looked innocent. But realized what the boy meant. He closed his eyes for a moment gathering his emotions. This never happen before. He thought to himself. His instincts are forcing there way out. Was it because that the culprit is close by? No Maybe its something else then. He let his arms drop to his sides from the boy, he began to turn around, walking away from the boy. Who ran in front of him to stop him from leaving.

“I am so sorry to have caused you such a ruckus, but I am very grateful that you have stopped him before…” He looked down to his shoes. “Before anything else could happen.” Before Bigby could step aside and say no problem. The Boy swooped his arms around him tightly. “I want to treat you to something. Please, for all the trouble I have caused you for tonight.” He softly said in the wolfs chest. Bigby wanted to say no, but picturing how other men, or possibly woman wanted to exploit this poor child, And also to his cuteness. He couldn’t, more like wasn’t able to say ‘No’ in front of him. With a nod, and ‘Sure’ Bigby saw how big, and bright how the boy’s (E/C) eyes shinned in the midst of the night. Why, or how can this kid still have hope, love, and a strong desire to be motivated right now. It never really strut Bigby of how this kid was somewhat special in the eyes of Christmas.

The child asked Bigby were the nearest ‘good’, also very old hotels are. Luckily there was one nearby that was here before the town itself was fully build here. Without another word, The child grabbed ahold of Bigby’s hand and ran to the hotel. Once they made it inside they were greeted by a old goose without Glamour on. Bigby warned her about the Glamour, but she paid no mind. The Boy paid for the penthouse at the top. Before Bigby had a chance to fully look around the place he was already at the room that the boy picked out. The room was way Bigger then anything Bigby has ever seen in his lifestyle. It was old. Yet clean. It was something that you hear a lot about Cabins. The Fancy one’s that only some people can get, and  yet this boy has the money to do that.

Before Bigby said something the boy pushed a menu in his face.

“Please choose anything you like. I don’t mind the cost. I can offered it without any problems.” He said as he sat himself on the king size bed in the middle of the big room. Bigby looked down at the menu. Softly judging how these numbers could not exist in the real world.

“What’s your name.” Bigby said to the kid, not looking up at him as he continues to stare into the pantry’s of  food. Somehow he wants to eat something delicious but will that be really necessary since he is an Fable.

“Oh, How rude of me. I am terribly sorry.” The boy stands up. Straightening his blue jacket. “I am the ‘Little Giving  Rabbit’ “ He smiled at Bigby. “But you may call me (M/N).” He said.

“Little Giving Rabbit?” Bigby repeated.

“That’s what he calls me by. It was the very first name I’ve gotten since I was born. He said I’ve always love giving gifts to those who needed it the most.” The boy flushed as he swayed his body. But stopped himself as he remarked what he meant to say. “I- I mean I just don’t just give presents who really need them. I also just give them… Because I care.” He said holding his right arm with his left. Making him look more adorable. “Honestly its been so long since I have been back. And to top it all off, I have no Idea what this Era is all about. All I remember was a lot of pain when I passed through here. Especially that man from before. Even though he was acting like… He was only truly hurt by the one he loved the most. Including you…” He smiled at Bigby.

But Bigby Didn’t smile back. He began smell that sweet, powerful fragrance. Radiating from the boy. The boy walked closure to Bigby. But Bigby told him to back away.

“What Is Wrong!” The boy said as he panicked

“What’s wrong… What is that scent your wearing?” Bigby said as he tried to calm his animal instinct. But it was not working for the smell was stronger, and more powerful.

“I don’t know. I must have past by something in the meadow.” He said pulling his jacket off. But before he could throw the piece of cloth down the street he was taken by surprise by Bigby. He Gasp, not knowing that Bigby was a Wolf. “Y-y- you’re a wolf…” he said, Afraid. Bigby didn’t care what was happening next. He can feel his skin raid off heat, he himself feels like he is in a daze. What ever this scent was. Its making him very lustful. He looked down at the boy, his white hair sprawled across his face, his eyes looking very big, scared, cute. The boy brought both of his hands up to his face, not wanting the Wolf see him like this. Bigby slowly touch the boys hands, sliding till it meet at the middle of his chest. He can feel the heat radiating off of his body. How his chest slowly moved up and down. The Feeling of dominance rushed through Bigby’s body.

“Please… Mr. Wolf…” That’s right. Bigby thought. “Please Let me go…” That’s what I want to hear now. Before the boy could say another word his clothes were ripped open from his body, the cold air touched all around him, hitting him in spots that he was once nice and warm from the cold outside. Bigby looked at the smaller figure below him. Thin, slender. Nothing like any male or woman he has seen.

 Bigby now filled with deep thoughts, gently rubbed his hands up and down the boys chest. Feeling how warm, and soft it was. The boy hitched and muffled his little cry’s. That’s good. He thought to himself again, I want to hear more. He began to say over and over in his head. As Bigby turned more, and more into the animal he once was, the more and more the boy coward in fear.. he himself thought that he would be getting eaten soon, and how foolish he was to not know everyone when he come into town.

Bigby now in werewolf form. Licked at the Bunny’s red flushed ears, licking at anything that looked red and cute from the little rabbit. The rabbit now dazed and confused of the whole situation felt tinges of pleasure from where Bigby had licked. From his ears, to his neck, to his stomach. Towards lower abdominal. The weird feeling that he has never felt was building so slowly that he somehow wished for it to be dealt quickly. He squirmed in places that he did not like, then softly relaxes when the Wolf found something to his pleasing. If the big man was here, What would he have thought about his innocent little white bunny? Tainted in this new fond color known to most of men. Lust, Love, mostly pleasure. Surely he would not like it. But what if he couldn’t get back to the North Pole. What happens then? Will he stay here or will he walk around the earth, being careful to who he trusts, No. He begins to squirm as Bigby begins to go even lower from his Abdominal. Panicking again. The Bunny pushed his hands down. Denying the permission from the Wolf. Bigby didn’t like that, He growled at the Rabbit as he pulled his hands up away from where he wanted to lick. The Bunny, with Teary (E/C) eyes. He silently cried on his solder as he thought about his thought before. Telling himself that the Big man would welcome back in open arms.

Bigby looked at the boy, a quick emotion of guilt covered him. He knocked it off as if it were a pesky mosquito. He doesn’t want his fun to end now. Maybe after he is done with this. Then he will force his way to stop.

The Bunny looked into the yellow eyes of the Wolf. Lust meet fright. The bunny doesn’t want this and yet, here he is, getting touched by his Predator. And to make things worse. It was his day. The day were he went giving gifts to these poor people. To these Fables. To anyone who has a beating heart and soul. He remember the Mundy’s how they felt the pain of someone they dearly lost. And how even right now a new form of pain from the Fable’s around here filled him with pain too. He remembered one Fable who has lost her sister, another one who lost his wife. These feelings. That is what he is feeling if he had lost what the big man has cherished about him.

Bigby Finally took him whole, devouring his little red Cherry. Gently lacing it with his saliva. The Bunny Gasp. Crying as he knows now that he will not be going back to once he once was. Bigby paid no mind to him as he continued to lavish his ‘meal’. As a few whimpers came out of the bunny, a few little moans also went flying out in surprise vocals. Bigby felt pleased by this so he continued to do this when the boy felt pressure building up in his stomach.

“Staaapp~” He cooed out. “Your, gonna make me pee…” He said to Bigby. This somehow struck a big vibe from Bigby. He new why we was acting so innocent. Because he ‘was innocent’ and he took this from him. Feeling more accomplished then anything. Bigby stopped. He gently pushed the boys legs under his shoulder so that he could now see everythin. How the boy was a mess, his hair absolutely sticking on his cute face, how his eyes glistened from crying, how his mouth is agape from the drool he has been letting out. How even his chest rose from the lack of oxygen provided. And one perfectly erect body piece. Nothing suites Lust like this young boy. Thought Bigby. Then with out warning. Bigby set himself at the entrance of the boy, who’s mind is to much in a daze to comprehend anything. Then forcibly, put himself inside. Stretching the boy as big as his form could get. Bigby now inside the boy breathed in the Bunny. He looked right into the eyes of him. Only seeing shock, and a bit of lust. Bigby stayed still inside the boy as long as he could waited. But he just couldn’t wait any longer. So he began to move inside. The Boy arched his back in this new found pain. It hurt, but at the same time there was something else. He couldn’t figure out the word so he continued to think it was only pain he felt.

Bigby roared and bite the boy. Wanting him to feel the same as he was. Of course he was but he couldn’t figure out the name of this ‘feeling’ It comes as blurs, then flashes of ecstasy in mere moments. But that wasn’t the end for Bigby, no he began to morph again. Growing bigger inside the Boy. Which made him cry out more.

Bigby now is full animal form, big, and furry. Dominated the Boy below him. Making him scream in tongues, and making him gasp for at least once or twice. Switching styles, mainly ‘doggy style’.

The next Morning Bigby woke up dazed, not remembering what has happen. Until he felt something soft touch him at his torso. He gently lifted the Blanket up from chest to see a pure white Rabbit, not a baby, but a grown Rabbit. It was still cute as hell. But the Bunny didn’t thought of it as ‘cute’



Extra Ending:

“You big mean Wolf. Y- Y… you took me away…” The Bunny began to cry on the bed. After he regained most of his stamina from last night.

“Im sorry for what I did. By the way my name isn’t that. Its Bigby… Besides how old are you…”

The bunny looked at him in teary eyes. Then slowly wiped them from his (S/C) skin. “Im only sixteen…” Bigby felt his heart race, He had touched a minor, especially a  important one that was pure, but now the scent is gone.

“Actually I’m only 1,698 years old….But still you would have been in very trouble if you did do that to me when I was younger!” He complained to him as he began to softly cry again. Bigby slowly wrapped his arms around the little bunny.

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of you now so don’t hold anything back.” he said petting his bunny now. The bunny puffed his cheeks out in frustration.

“I don’t get this world we live in… Teach me all the things you know please.” He said as he turned around, gently putting his lips on Bigbys. “Including what that is called.” He smiled.


Another Ending;

“Where is Bigby” Snow complained as she walked back and forth from her desk. “Maybe I should use the Mirror…” Snow said as she walked herself towards the mirror. “Mirror, Mirror an the wall, please show me Bigby, for he hasn’t come by to bug me…” Snow said, then the Mirror showed Nothing. “Whats wrong”

“Snow you cannot look for there is a presence that does not wished to be showed.” The Mirror said.

“Great I have to wait then, lets hope he brought back something…”

Image no mine. This is Christmas special

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 Being embarrassed he turned in the water…. And….played himself… But he didn’t notice the visitor in the second room… 

But the visitor themselves did not know what that ‘thumping’ noise  was. So they have decided to investigate.

Alright, short story. He technically half way finished until this ‘Visitor’ barged in. It was very awkward at first but. Oh, forget it was very awkward for both of them.

“I didn’t know there was someone else in the bedroom…” He said.

The visitor replied. “I wasn’t here, only in the next room. But you have a good Structure… for a twink.”


“Oh sorry, I’m Sarah. I just woke up from the other room like said before.”

“Well I like my privacy ‘Sarah’ So would you please leave…”


“So I could finish…”


“Cause it is embarrassing for you to  stand there….


“FOR CRYING OUT LOUD JUST LEAVE, ITS VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!” He said as he generally pushed the perverted young woman out of the bathroom. Locking the door as he kinda slumped down.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to help you out?”

“Would you just leave. It's bad enough that I have monsters that want to have...” He shuddered. “Sex with me.”

“oooooh, I would like to see that.”

“I WOULDN’T!” he said as he unplugged the drain. Watching as the water got sucked into the pipe. He then sat on the toilet butt naked. Looking down under the door to the shadow that was on the other side. He sat silently waiting for the shadow to quietly move away from the door. And so she did. And he heard the springy sound of the bed being jumped on.

“Aw Shit! Where did this hell come from!” She complained to the corpse that had been mutilated. He then laughed at her dumbness. Then with quiet breaths, he calmed himself down. And so he made himself dress in the dirty clothes again. Including the dirty underwear. He stepped out of the bathroom looking towards the bed he saw Sarah lying down. As if she were posing with the corpse. “Aren’t you going to draw me one of your French girls?”

“With a dead… manikin?”

“Sure why not. I could get kinky with it.” She opposed.

“No thanks.” He said. Getting a closer look at the traits of Sarah’s physic. Light brown hair… Blue eyes. Of course dimples and freckles. And well built. Thin too. Like a gymnast.  

“See something you like?” She questioned. Eyeing him up and down like that sweet piece of chocolate cake you saw the other day at the grocery store.

“No. You're not really my type anyway.”

“Eh. I know, you like the more buffy type. Like that Pyramid head guy. I bet he has a big ####-” (Censored for audience)

“ THE FUENGGDPKGJ! AW HELL NAAAAWWWHHHHH!” he said as he stepped back away from her.

“It's bound to happen.” She winks at the audience.

“Who are you winking at?”

“Oh, no one~” she hummed. Sarah then got out of bed heading towards the young male she lifts her left hand. “But any how~” she continued. “I am Sarah Watson. I live in… Well, I don’t remember. But it's nice to meet you?”

“(M/N)… Just (M/N)” he said.

“Well then. We now just become friends!” Sarah smiled at him. He took her hand.



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